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DRAWING IDEA - (4) HORSE CART using Watercolor

Today I will show you the work process on one of my drawing ideas, Horse Cart. Here I used pencil and watercolor for the art piece. To start working on this drawing, I imagined what the Horse cart should look like and wrote down the description on paper, then used that to write a short event like a story. It follows the event of my previous post on Rabbit Habit.
The story goes like this:
As I was sipping the tea from my cup, I thought, "Hmm, guess that was enough adventure for this time. I spent about three days here, and if my stay is extended anymore, the fun might never let me go back to my world." So I started packing all my luggage. First, the clothes in the bottom of my bag, the fragile items in the middle, and then the things that I might need most of the time at the top. Now I won't have to rummage through everything to find something. After packing, I went to the dining space, ordered breakfast, and ate while talking with the innkeeper and a few people I became familiar with. After finishing the food, I returned to my room to take my bag and equipment, then looked around to see if I was leaving anything behind or not. 

Then I went to the reception to complete the rest of the payment. "Hello, I  will be leaving today, so here is the complete payment for my stay."

To which the innkeeper replied, "Oh, you are leaving already? Hoped you would have stayed a little longer. It was fun talking with you."

"Haha, thank you, I also enjoyed my stay here. Unfortunately, need to return to my homeland, it is very far from here. I shall visit again if you welcome me!" I said.

Then the innkeeper laughingly replied, "Hahaha, you will always be welcome here, friend! Have a safe journey!!"

After finishing the payment, I bid goodbye and left the Possum Den.
"It is a bright day. Should I take a last little detour?" I said to myself while looking at the vast field of grass.
Then thought maybe I should and started to walk along the long stretch of a mud road. While walking along the path, I saw a horse cart standing in the middle of the road with an old man behind it. He was seemingly conversing with someone while making hand gestures while looking toward the grass field. At first, I could not figure out whom he was talking to cause of the tall grasses, and they were a little far from me.



Upon reaching closer, I saw the old man was talking to a teenage boy. The boy was standing between two trees in the grasses at such an angle that he was not easily visible. After a few minutes, they waved bye and then resumed their own work. While passing by, the old man realized that I was looking at him, and it was a little awkward, but he soon showed a friendly gesture by tipping his hat a little while smiling and said, "Good morning."

Then I smiled and bowed while greeting him good morning, thus clearing the awkwardness. After that, I kept walking along the path till I reached a thicket and went near a tree. Then I looked around for a while and thought,

"Hmm, guess this is a good place. No one can see me here."

I lifted my hand to touch the tree gently with my palm and felt the rough texture, then I closed my eyes and said, "Thank you for showing me this beautiful place. Kindly take me back to my home." After saying that, I saw that the area where my hand was, started glowing with a bluish-green hue as if it agreed with me, then the light started enveloping me. The world around me slowly started disappearing in the glow, and my consciousness faded soon. When I opened my eyes, I was in my room, it was Monday, 8 am. All those adventures I did were in 8 hours of sleep, which means I went to that world while sleeping Sunday night.

"Hmm, it feels too real every time to be discarded as a dream. I better draw and paint those memories so as not to forget them," I said then got up from the bed and tidied myself. After that, I did some rough sketches and then started painting them one by one.



Here is the step-wise procedure of how I did the painting: 


Step 1

Finding References

First I searched different real life images from internet matching my idea.

Step 2:


Step 3:

First Color Layer

Step 4:

Second Color Layer

Step 5:

Third Color Layer

Step 6:

Final Color Layer



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