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DRAWING IDEA : (2) Village Market using Watercolor

      Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. This time, I am going to share my experience and work process on one of my drawing ideas, which is Village Market. Here I used pencil and watercolor for the art piece. To start working on this drawing idea, I imagined what the village market should look like and wrote down the description on paper, then used that to write a short event like a story. This story follows the event of my previous post on Village Surrounded by a Forest .    The story goes like this:        With a sudden thud, my eyes sprang open. It was around 3:00 am-midnight. Slowly and steadily, I got up without making much noise and took out the short stick from my bag, which I always carry for self-defense while traveling. Then, I started to search for the source of the sound. It was silent for a while, then suddenly THUD, the sound was coming from outside the window. It felt like something was hitting a wooden bucket. Since the inn Possum Den was close to the forest, I

DRAWING IDEA - (1) Village Surrounded by a Forest using Watercolor

     To draw a village, first, one must imagine the description & find references according to the scenery which was imagined or can just draw directly from the reference image found. Without the reference’s help, it will become confusing and irritating to draw as we won’t have a solid idea of what the subject for the village that we imagined will look like.       For me, I wrote a short story-like description for the topic “Village surrounded by Forest” in my notebook with an added touch of the forest being yellow and named it ‘Opal Bourg’. So I started to search for references of different forests, yellow trees in forests and villages on the internet which fitted my imaginary description of the scenery. Then I attached the sheet on the drawing board by using masking tape around the borders of the sheet to get a frame like a professional finish later and started making a light sketch of the landscape, houses, trees in the forest and other small subjects using a pencil. It took me