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DRAWING IDEA : (2) Village Market using Watercolor

     Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. This time, I am going to share my experience and work process on one of my drawing ideas, which is Village Market. Here I used pencil and watercolor for the art piece. To start working on this drawing idea, I imagined what the village market should look like and wrote down the description on paper, then used that to write a short event like a story. This story follows the event of my previous post on Village Surrounded by a Forest


The story goes like this:


    With a sudden thud, my eyes sprang open. It was around 3:00 am-midnight. Slowly and steadily, I got up without making much noise and took out the short stick from my bag, which I always carry for self-defense while traveling. Then, I started to search for the source of the sound. It was silent for a while, then suddenly THUD, the sound was coming from outside the window. It felt like something was hitting a wooden bucket. Since the inn Possum Den was close to the forest, I thought it could be some nocturnal predator searching for prey. My window was closed, so I did not know what was out there, so it scared me because the windows in this inn do not seem to be that sturdy to hold against a strong predator. But the curiosity to know the identity of the sound source was agitating me, so I slowly walked towards the window and started to push the panels. Then, oh man! I guess the innkeeper never oiled the hinges. The creaking of the window sounded so loud that whatever that creature was outside the window got startled and ran away. Which disappointed my curiosity and also provided some relief. Since the running sound at least confirmed that it was not a large creature. As I calmed down, I went back to bed to complete my sweet sleep.



    I woke up around 8:00 am, freshened up, and ate breakfast in the inn. Then I decided to go out at around 9:30 am and see the market of this village and buy something. It was about 30 mins walk from where I was staying. The market was along a straight and long gravel road. After reaching the market, I saw lots of different stalls opening. First to my left was a clothing store, then to my right was a fruit seller, next to them was a grocery store, then a store with candy and pickles. Soon the other stores were going to open as it was the opening time for the market. The weather was rainy, so a few amounts of people were there. I started walking and surfing along with the market till I reached the end. There were small vegetable stores selling lots of local products unknown to me, so I kept asking the sellers about them. After gathering different information, I decided to return and buy some candies and pickles from the shop near the market entrance. There I saw a young couple was buying candies and pickles too, so I politely asked if they could help me choose some flavor? Then the couple pointed out sweet and sour pickles made from different berries found in the forest and suggested a few types of hot and sour candies. After buying them, I looked at the market once more and left for the inn. Upon returning, I asked the innkeeper to fix the window of my room because it was making too much creaking noise. Then left all my items in the room and went to the local guild branch to see if there was any quest that I could do.



WORK PROCESS OF DRAWING IDEA - (2) Village Market using watercolor:


Here I will share my work process step-wise:


Step 1


Finding References


Here I first searched different images online and offline, fitting my drawing ideas of the village market in the story. Then I mix-matched the subjects in those reference images.


Step 2



In this step, I drew a light outline using a pencil while watching the reference image on watercolor paper.



Step 3


First Color Layer


After finishing the sketch, I wetted the paper surface where the sky was to be painted and then applied the color using the wet on wet technique. Then I applied base color on the other part of the scene using the wet on dry method as I did not want to spread the colors or mix them on paper and then let them dry completely.



Step 4


Second Color Layer

In this layer, I applied saturated and deeper colors with different variations to enhance light values and perspective in the scene using the wet on dry method. Then colored the small subjects using the same technique and left them to dry again.



Step 5


Final Color Layer

In this stage, I painted the darker details like the shadows, hairs, and ropes, applied color variations in the small subjects so that they could be distinguished from the environment more. Then I let it dry and thus completed my art.


Speed Paint Link :


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