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DRAWING IDEA - (3) Rabbit Habit using Watercolor

     Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. This time, I will share my experience and work process on one of my drawing ideas, Rabbit Habit. Here I used pencil and watercolor for the art piece. To start working on this drawing idea, I imagined what the startled rabbit should look like and wrote down the description on paper, then used that to write a short event like a story. This story follows the event of my previous post on Village Market. The story goes like this :      After reaching the local guild office, I went to the quest board and searched for a quest that fitted my level and could be done quickly. At that place, I found a few requests for hunting, foraging, and delivery according to my capability, then took them to the receptionist to register.      First, I did the delivery quest that asked me to deliver the collected berries from the guild office to a local shop, then went towards the forest for foraging and hunting. The foraging quest asked to collect some edible mushroom