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DRAWING IDEA - (4) HORSE CART using Watercolor

Today I will show you the work process on one of my drawing ideas, Horse Cart. Here I used pencil and watercolor for the art piece. To start working on this drawing, I imagined what the Horse cart should look like and wrote down the description on paper, then used that to write a short event like a story. It follows the event of my previous post on Rabbit Habit. The story goes like this: As I was sipping the tea from my cup, I thought, "Hmm, guess that was enough adventure for this time. I spent about three days here, and if my stay is extended anymore, the fun might never let me go back to my world." So I started packing all my luggage. First, the clothes in the bottom of my bag, the fragile items in the middle, and then the things that I might need most of the time at the top. Now I won't have to rummage through everything to find something. After packing, I went to the dining space, ordered breakfast, and ate while talking with the innkeeper and a few people I became f